• Auteur : http://www.winlibre.com/en/
  • Date : 26 October 2004 (26 October 2004)
  • Licence : "Open Source" link_license
  • Logiciel : WinLibre (Notice Framasoft)


Beside TheOpenCD and GnuWin, here is another Windows Open Source sofware compilation.

This is the second release of this project.

This is a free software selection in one package, aimed at office and creative design usage. This quality software compare gracefully with their proprietary counterpart and meet the main user needs.

This distribution is splitted in 5 parts:

The setup application (made with InnoSetup) can download and install directly the selected software. A short text description of each sofware can help you in your choice. There are two Winlibre versions: a light online one, 500kB to download just the selected software and, a full offline one, 155 MB usefull to burn a CD.

In short: a very usefull project to help you migrate the average Joe user up to the free world !


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