• Auteur : http://www.inkscape.org
  • Date : 28 June 2004 (28 June 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : Inkscape (Notice Framasoft)

InkScape 0.38

Some members of Sodipodi programming team decided to use its source to create a complete SVG editor in conformity with XML, SVG, and CSS2 standards.

Thus it is not a scission with Sodipodi but a kind of fork with completely different aims from Sodipodi project:

  • If you wish to use a key-in-hand vectorial drawing tool, Sodipodi remains the best choice.
  • If you wish to specialize yourself in SVG, it is Inkscape that you need.

We however note, since Inkscape birth, a much important reactivity in Sodipodi project.

With last version, many proper functions are available whose majority are:

  • about interface (command menus and features organization),
  • character sets
  • and the new color ranges editor (a splendid one).

Also note very beautiful and complete tutorials and help (written in SVG, of course).

Inkscape is available in several languages but settings seems to be available only on Linux or BSD operating systems, thus not for MS Windows for which only english version seems to be available due to the lack of access to languages settings by a shell (shell is a Posix standard feature and not a MS Windows one)

Thus to change language when using on Linux or BSD systems, you’ve got to change setting about the LANGUAGE data.

By example for French, type in a shell : LANGUAGE=fr_FR inkscape

To avoid to redo this operation each time you need Inkscape (and supposing that you ordinary work with a non-English version), create an "alias":

  • with Bash, add in your hidden file /.bashrc the following line: alias inkscape="LANGUAGE=fr_FR inkscape"
  • then, if type source .bashrc, inkscape will be launched in your language choice.


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