• Auteur : http://drawswf.sourceforge.net/
  • Date : 17 February 2004 (21 March 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : DrawSWF (Notice Framasoft)


It’s an interesting small drawing software (less than 1 Mb) which helps to create flash animations.

Results are modest comparing to FlashMX, but they are open, which is quite unlikely for this type of file format after becoming a "de facto" Web standard.

This software is built in Java (thus OS independant), you can realise freehand draw (if you’ve got a graphic table, it’s the very best), draw lines, include predefined geometrical shapes as ellipses (and then circles), rectangles, texts (with special effects on) and import image files.

Your final work will look like as an animated Gif but in a flash file...

Still remain plenty of little gaps, as no copy-paste, triangle, eraser, layers, closed zone painting features, and to erase it’s more "a nothing or everything" feature, etc.

But this software is still interesting, for example: as a tool for primary school sites.

At last but not least, a very interesting feature: it allows you to save your work to a file format which appears to have a great future: SGV


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