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  • Date : 19 June 2004 (24 June 2004)
  • Licence : Mozilla Public License (MPL) link_license
  • Logiciel : Firefox (Notice Framasoft)

Mozilla Firefox 0.9

Mozilla Firefox is an independant browser project issued from Mozilla.

Beside the fact its name has frequently changed (Phoenix became Firebird, till current Mozilla Firefox), it offers the particularity to be wonderfull and the favourite browser of our site webmaster! (who severely torture me ;opp in order to get this translation)

Light to download and easy to install (for MS Windows environment, only one executable file). Its look-like is very user-friendly and it is possible to modify it via several skins available on Mozilla Website. Firefox can also import all your MS IE bookmarks.

Among its main features, we have to point out:

  • Ergonomy:
    • a specific toolbar display buttons to get our most used bookmarks,
    • size quick modify possibility of any displayed character,
    • the largest screen width of all the known browsers (is it not Opera, is it ?)
  • Instant integration of several search engines, such as Google,
  • Popups blocking (not a luxury !),
  • Surfing throughout thumbnails, which allows page reading while another one is downloading behind (once you discovered this feature, you won’t be able to do without it).
  • Handy management of cache, historic and cookies
  • Forms memorization,
  • An automated remote loading of the visited pages ("AutoDownload" feature which directly goes in your choiced site page),
  • Five buttons mouse management.

In short, an excellent browser and, of course, an available one on many operating systems:
 MS Windows.

Moreover, for MS Windows users, don’t you dare visiting this website using MS Internet Explorer again! [1] (More: this site is graphically "cuter" with Firefox).

New Firefox version features:

  • MS Windows installer
  • Download manager
  • Interactive bookmarking
  • Off-line work
  • File type managmeent
  • XPInstall new interface
  • MacOS X new loik-and-feel (Pinstripe).
  • A lot of corrected bugs and improvements.

Who still hesitates?

[1] Well... we can call that a Free software fond-of caracteristic injunction, but with Firefox we strongly agree with.


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