• Auteur : http://gftp.org/
  • Date : 24 September 2005 (24 September 2005)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : gFTP (Notice Framasoft)


Originately developped for Gnome, it is from now on available for KDE and in particular installed by default on Mepis and Knoppix.

It was written in C language and has an interface:

  • in command line,
  • or graphic interface with library GTK+ 1.2/2.x.

It has:

  • resumption for interrupted transfers,
  • complete bookmarks management (highly handy to remember servers IP addresses),
  • graphic interface easy to use, clear and functional (ex-users of FileZilla will be immediately comfortable with it),
  • proxies, FTP and HTTP management.

It allows to:

  • "dragg and drop" between its two windows,
  • make several transfers at the same time (on the same server with the proviso for having rights for a multi-session or on several servers),
  • define a program for visualization (on my computer Mozilla) and files edition (on my computer it is BlueFish), which makes possible to work directly on the server,
  • have the passive mode selected by defect, which handy for those on cable connection as me...
  • compare its two windows (very handy to download only what was modified):
    • then gFTP use files sizes, names or modification dates,
    • then it selects the different files on the local disc and the waiter,
    • it is then enough to click on one of the two arrows for download or upload selected files,
  • read those directory types: UNIX, EPLF, Novell, Mac OS, VMS, MVS & NT (DOS).

It manages following protocols:

  • FXP (File eXchange Protocol) since the version 2.0.7b, therefore one can to:
    • connect itself to two sites, the first in the window of left, the second on right-hand side,
    • and transfer files from one to another without passing by our local disc (saving in personal band),
  • but also FTP (we would have suspected it),
  • FTPS or protected ftp (only control at connection),
  • HTTP,
  • HTTPS or safe HTTP,
  • SSH.

Widely as ergonomic as FileZilla on MS Windows, it is functionally much richer, and since version 2.0.17 allows to memorize passwords while passing by the bookmarks :)


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