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Mepis is at the same time:

  • a "live CD",
  • a Debian based distribution very well optimized for device recognition,
  • an everyday use easiness wonder for everyday computer life...

As a lot of others live CD, Mepis provides a complete set of softwares (for office, by example Open Office, for Internet, for multimedia etc...).

The main Mepis characteristic is to offer a very simple way to install it, thanks to a graphic and intuitive interface (Mepis Installation Center).

Well, we urge you to try Mepis « live CD », then you will be able to get your very own opinion and compare it to other hight quality « live CD » as Knoppix and MandrakeMove.

Installed on your computer, Mepis will save you from all the concern about the infamous Linux plugins installation crisis (flash, java, etc.) because they are already pre-installed...

This, while offering a graphic interface to help you in software installation:

  • to obtain this graphic interface, open a console (a small icon resembling a TV):
  • type su
  • then your "root" password
  • then apt-get install aptitude
  • then aptitude install synaptic
  • start again your computer (one could avoid but it is simpler to do this way)
  • seek in your menu "Synaptic"
  • open it and install software in graphical simplicity...

You will be agreeably surprised about the number of available softwares (in their last versions) to install.

In our opinion Mepis became a true Linux distribution, thus we transferred it from Live-CDs to distributions section in our site.

Nota Bene: only CD 1 is useful, because CD 2 contains complementary packages that you will easily find on line with Synaptic graphic tool.


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> Mepis , le 29 August 2004 par bejolino (0 rép.)

I am a Mandrake user since long time, but I find Mepis optimal, especially for the hardware recognition, which is superb...

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