Mandrake 10.0

Multilingual | Licence GNU/GPL | 3 bootable ISO-CDs

Here is the most accessible Linux distribution for Windowers who wish to make the first step towards the Open Source distributions (one of Framasoft objectives). French origin, quite unlikely so it has to be noticed, its installation is simple and its high conviviality will please more than one.

Among Mandrake 10.0’s new features we may point out:

  • Integration of the new 2.6.3 Kernel (core), KDE 3.2’s graphical interface (and its outnumbered applications), Gnome 2.4.2, Mozilla 1.6 and The GIMP 1.2.5.
  • The “magicdev” function which allows a direct access for users (without the “mount/unmount” command) to external stocking devices (dikette and CD-ROM drivers, USB key...).
  • Dynamic graphical environments. During the installation of a package or a recognized peripherical (scanner, webcam, etc.), the launching icon appears automatically (or disappears during the uninstall process) in the applications’ menu.

It is still a temporary version. The final and official version will be available in May.


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