Mozilla Thunderbird

Here comes the ‘international rescue’ for those who wish to get rid of Outlook Express. Operating wired puppets no longer fly to and fro rescuing mail users, as they have been replaced by the display of a clear and appealing interface and the use of a mouse.
Although it has been designed by the Mozilla team and based on Mozilla Mail, it is totally independent.

Thunderbird offers numerous advantages:

  • easy tu use,
  • multi-platform: versions for Windows, Linux and Mac are available,
  • independent from your browser: works without any problem throughout the most used Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Fierbird, etc.)
  • does not need to be installed neither within the system nor the register base: it appears as a self executable,
  • allows several mail accounts and contains numerous functions like ‘gestion of unwanted mail’ which allows to counter successfully any ‘spam’ disturbance.

The actual 0.4 release also contains a homogen and improved graphical interface, a better integration in different operative systems (Linux, Mac, Windows) and new functions (‘copy-paste’ of pictures, tool bar’s own preferred settings, improved profiles migration, etc.)


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