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SuSE Linux

Migrating from Windows has never been as easier: SuSE - Software und System Entwicklung (Sowftware and System Development) - LINUX 9.1, which now uses the new kernel (core) 2,6 is secure and stable. In addition to a powerful operating system, SuSE Linux 9.1 delivers all the applications you need for Internet, Office, Multimedia, and Home networking. Its installation routine is now almost fully automated, thanks to the new application YaST2 (Yet another Setup Tool 2), so you’ll be up and running with little effort. And, of course, you are assured all the advantages of using Open Source software.

SuSE LINUX for i386

You may buy the SuSE LINUX 9.1 Professional or Personal editions on-line or in a store, but you may also download it for free from the official Website, which will provide you the proper link to a mirror in your vicinity.

SuSE LINUX for i386 can be installed free of charge directly from the FTP server. Before you start, read carefully the installation guideline, available at the SuSE LINUX download page.

Important note: download the files if you can export the data to your local network with NFS! If you do not have this possibility or want to install SuSE LINUX on one host only, perform the FTP installation as described above. It is not possible to generate installation CDs from a complete download.

SuSE LINUX for i386 Live-Eval

SuSE makes the Live-Eval version of SuSE LINUX available for download as an ISO image. This version runs from the bootable CD and is not installed on the hard disk. If you want to get to know SuSE LINUX or test if your hardware is fully supported, the Live-Eval version is the right choice for you.

The ISO image is located in a directory of which you will find the link at the SuSE LINUX Download page.


SuSE LINUX for PPC can be installed free of charge directly from the FTP server. As for the i386 version, don’t forget to read carefully the installation guideline and the Readme file! Links are available at the SuSE LINUX Download page.

So, and as the Linux community usually says: Have a lot of fun!


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