• Auteur : http://www.xmms.org/
  • Date : 18 June 2004 (24 June 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : XMMS (Notice Framasoft)


XMMS (X Multi-media System) is a multi-media player for Unix style operating systems. It can play many file kinds (MP3, MOD, Wav, Ogg) and we can, moreover and in the same way as Winamp, add visualization plugins to it...

XMMS is specifically designed to play audio files, but it even exists some (rudimentary) plugins dedicated to video displaying.

Although similarities, between this software and Winamp, are important, it is not a Winamp implementation for Linux, but a real new software offering solid and useful features.


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