Media Player Classic 6.4.8

Media Player Classic (also known as MPC) is a multimedia player whose developpement is fast and impressive. Similar to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, it is based on the use of DirectX and DirectShows filters already installed. It offers three advantages: it’s light, rich, and is never the cause of any intrusion. It can play different formats. It remains however:

  • an audio player (wav, wma, MP3, Ogg, real audio...)
  • a video player (MPEG, avi, and so: XviD, DviX, ogm, mkv, mov, real video...)
  • A DVD player with excellent rendering.
  • It can also display images (JPAG, BMP...)
  • Allows video capture

It also allows audio rendering in relation to the number of lousdspeaker you posess, it can read local and distance files, direct reading of CDs burned in mode2, chooses the color, the size and fonts of subtitles, can resize freely an image, can accelereate and slow down playing speed, allows to maintain the player at front stage, to create playlists, bookmarks, and probably much, much more in the future.

Often classified among the most active 10 projects on SourceForge, Media Player Classic has become essential under Windows, capable of reading almost everything (it only needs a DirectShow filter which can support the reading format ).

Hereby some pages where filters and codecs may be found:

We may as well point out that the player is integrated to a suite of open source multimedia utilities which the whole code source set is available under the cute ame of Guliverkli.

(Note: to every hard clickers, if you see that the Website is in construction, it means that it is in construction but not dead! You can find the files you need at the project site, anyway.


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