Extended BitTorrent Client

OS: Windows Language: English Size: 180 Kb Licence: GPL Version:0.2.1

Extended BitTorrent Client (aka XBTC) is -as its name says- a software that uses the BitTorrent protocol. Nothing really exciting except that it is perfectly suitable for old computers or those with limited powers, whithout the loss of great refinements.

With its spartan interface (a single window showing multiple downloads), this BitTorrent client offers simple but essential options like an upload rate limiter or the fast and automatic resume of downloads. It also includes a file priority system manager (like BiTornado), an integrated TCP/UDP tracker and a torrent file maker (like MakeTorrent). This is just amazing when tou see that the executable file is only 440 Kb and that the software uses around 5 Mb of RAM.

Dear ratonalist friends, I advise you to try XBTC. Sure, this c++ coded client is not the more glamorous around considering its not-so-pretty interface, but it offers "enticing" qualities especially if you are looking for a fully functional BitTorrent client.


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