• Auteur : http://kaffeine.sourceforge.net/
  • Date : 9 November 2004 (10 November 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : Kaffeine (Notice Framasoft)


Kaffeine is a front-end (a GUI) for Xine (media player on Linux).

Kaffeine is developped from the Qt library (as KDE). This is a friendly graphical user interface, and is compatible with all features to Xine.

It’s interfaces with Mozilla or Konqueror to view multimedias streamed on Internet. It’s particularly considerable as regards to display DVDs and the options of subtitling.

This front-end is inescapable if you use KDE.


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> Kaffeine , le 2 March 2005 par deodata (0 rép.)

Good morning,

Sorry for my english that is not very rich. My pb with kaffeine is the following : i installed kaffeine on my computer with a rpm package. All was right. But when i want to open it, the following error mesqsage appaers : "all video drivers failed to initialize" What can i do ? My linux configuration is : mandrake 10.0 with KDE 3.2. If you can answer me in french, it woulsd be bettter or indicate me a french net site for kaffeine.

Thank you for your answer

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