• Auteur : http://tavi.sourceforge.net/WikkiTikkiTavi
  • Date : 28 June 2004 (4 July 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : ’Tavi (Notice Framasoft)


’Tavi is an ultralight wiki, without any authors authentication, but conceived to offer orignately a strict interface xHTML 1.0, with templates and a separated style sheet, its architecture, thanks to the file config.php, makes possible to choose:

  • template,
  • data base and even which tables (using a prefix).

Thus we can proceed to an only one ’Tavi server installation,

  • then point, index.php files, from site and from administration interface, towards reference installation,
  • configuration file (config.php) towards
    • logo,
    • desired part of the data base,
    • convenient template...

Updates should be facilitated because only reference installation is to be update.

On the other hand, localization [1] seems to be a weak point because it is not fully automated and must partly be done by... direct copy-paste into code... what is rather dangerous!

Documentation is very abundant but only available on official site, on which lack of navigation menu can discourage more than one... (thus: use a lot search feature on page bottom to find...)

Not menu feature default choice give also many headache for this element installation...

Finally, administration interface is not protected and it is necessary to do by an htaccess or straightforwardly to disable it!

In short it’s mainly for those who can spend time in PHP coding (or have low demand in their site design).

For it, it is necessary to write [2]: it is a pleasure to develop our own template on line and being able to switch towards default template [3] so that site remains usable in spite of our "small mistyping".

Thus a wiki project to have an eye on... as it is widely still in development process, we can only hope that it wtll improve!

And we notice that the template switch and the "only one installation to run" possibility for a full wiki farm, or possibly run one same wiki at several addresses [4], are very good ideas.

[1] user interface translation

[2] and with the proviso of having presence of mind to create, from the begining, a templates directory under ’Tavi installation directory

[3] or one of own already entirely functional templates

[4] by example: one on production and one for templates tests


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