• Auteur : http://mujweb.atlas.cz/www/kmtools/css.html
  • Date : 4 March 2004 (18 May 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license

Css Editor

Czech | licence GNU/GPL | 380 ko | english | Windows

Currently CSS Editors are under sunlight and more and more of sites are beginning to use them (and it’s a good thing!). It would seem that xhtml & css2 are web future in the more or less long term (about us with them? well... we are working on to fit standards but it’s a bit more difficult that we had expected!)

But it’s obvious that they are quite few in the Open Source software world designed to run on MS Windows OS. That’s why this very light editor which came to us from the Czech Republic is a very good initiative.

Another very good initiative would be an interface translation and even to write us a tutorial.

Because, even if items are of course in English, thus we understand quickly how it works, it would be more pleasant with a good localization sub-project.


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