• Auteur : http://www.syntap.com/products_timestamp.htm
  • Date : 4 March 2004 (21 March 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : Time Stamp (Notice Framasoft)

Time Stamp

English | GNU/GPL | 910 Kb | Windows

You sit the whole day in front of a computer screen and work on different projects in the same period but you use always too much or not enough time on some of them. You reproach it to yourself but you continue in this way... Arghh! Thus for some, this kind of small software can be useful.

Among its interesting options we can note phone calls and pauses taking into account or fees calculation.

Of course, it requires an unquestionable rigour in its use but it doesn’t cost you a buck to try it... or even to improve it :o)

Caution: not to confuse it with Time Stamp (Pro), a French shareware which does the same things.


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> Time Stamp , le 5 February 2005 par Claire Pariba (0 rép.)

I would like to participates in using your time stamp utillities. And I like to learn more about and using it.


Claire Pariba


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