• Auteur : http://sector7g.wurzel6-webdesign.de/pdfcreator/index_en.htm
  • Date : 27 June 2004 (27 June 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : PDFCreator (Notice Framasoft)

PDFCreator 0.8

PDFCreator (written in only one word, to not confuse it with its homonym "PDF Creator", written in two words, which, is not a free software) is a German project which allows to very easily transform printable files into pdf files (via Postscript format).

For that:

  • choose originate document,
  • launch printing via the PDFCreator virtual printer,
  • choose document name to create in pdf format...
    And this software will do the job!

Obtained result, even if hyperlinks don’t works in it, is very close from originate document.

Last but not least, PDFCreator includes many setting which will enable you to manage created document size or the Acrobat Reader version for compatibility purpose.

A very good software which however seems to be systems resources greedy, thus avoid to launch too much others softwares when PDFCreator is in action.


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PDFCreator 0.8 , le 9 December 2012 par Scoubidou (0 rép.)

They said it’s a GPL software but it’s not true, see http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/comment/8353

-----> http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussi...

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