• Auteur : http://www.freeguppy.org/
  • Date : 17 February 2004 (18 May 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : GuppY (Notice Framasoft)


GNU/GPL | 520 Kb

MiniPortail gets its autonomy with a brand new official website and a brand new name: GuppY.

GuppY build a small portal and is an admin newbie friendly CMS: Easy to implement and to maintain, it works everywhere and only needs PHP, you can choose to work without or with a MySQL database [1].

As said Laurent Duveau (its creator) : "there is no need to know HTML, PHP languages and MySQL configuration, because miniPortail [2] can be entirely managed online (content and CMS)."

Its features:

More, one of its very peculiar features is to be natively bilingual, with choice to display 2 languages out of very wide range.

And moreover, there is a very good tutorial (see below) thus you have no more pretexton to avoid to build your first GuppY website.

Very important:
There also GuppY versions for blinds and for PDA.

[1] if avalaible in your website account

[2] GuppY former name


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