• Auteur : http://www.typo3.org
  • Date : 16 February 2004 (18 May 2004)
  • Logiciel : TYPO3 (Notice Framasoft)



This content management system (CMS) [1] is PHP and MySql built.

Typo3 was created by Kasper Skårhøj from Danemark.

This tool has a good fame but, at first look, to deal with seems to be quite difficult.

Obviously it could be a bit tough to implement, because of its functional complexity and its installation prerequisites. As a result, a typo3 devoted hosting company (or eager to satisfy its customer) should be a good choice for colocated servers.

Meanwhile happy users of a dedicated server (with large admin rights) or of an at home one should take advantage to use automatic installers provided on for developper typo3 official website. Installers will implement typo3 and everything for typo3 from Apache server to all the prerequisite softwares in order to get a quick starter.

Once typo3 installed, developpers will happily realise that it is a multisite CMS and got a lot of features avalaible using ?extensions?, it covers near all existing webmastering needs and could be adapted to your exact purpose.

Main features


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac (since OS X)

Since website is in production, typo3 is a really end user friendly CMS, more it’s a native multilingual CMS as backend [2] is available in 34 living languages while frontend [3] is linguistically unlimited.

For site aesthetic purpose, it’s possible to develop design appart, then to put in content as: texts, menus, etc. Moreover in the new 3.6 version the TemplaVoila extension is available and, with it, different design templates could be easily used on the same site.

For content contributors, there is wysiwyg editor [4]:

  • You will work with it close to the same way you are used to with your current office software.
  • You can also use OOo Writer [5] then upload your .sxw file in typo3 which will directly transform it into the right web page.

Content management is processed trough a workflow (from project planning to content validation). And more, there are an overwhelming extension number from quizz system, to mailing list, scrolling text, phpBB user integration, mediatheque management tool, file export to OOo or MS Office 2003, PDF, Webmail frame, etc.


Typo3 has for main feature its adaptation ability which makes it able to fit to near all webmasters webmastering needs...

More it has an extension building wizard, in the case of the existant catalog (approximatelly an hundred extensions) won’t fit with your very peculiar webmastering needs... but honestly, when working with typo3 people tend to become demanding thus the wizard could have some use...

On the other hand, documentation is very important [6] and worst its communauties are mainly on mailing lists (except for the french one which has a forum since autumn 2003)

My point of view on typo3

If your webmastering needs are simple and you want quickly and easily fit them, don’t use typo3... if you use it: it will be a deception...

But if your webmastering needs are complex then your time investment in typo3 will be rewarded in a proportion you couldn’t imagine by a software able to really exactly fit to your very own webmastering needs and you will be able to create complete internet, extranet and intranet sites definitely based on typo3.

Caution: currently typo3 v3.6 is in release process thus pay strong attention on extensions, some are still for 3.5, some are already for 3.6, pay attention to use "for 3.6 extensions" only with typo3 3.6 [7]

[1] which motto is "get content right"

[2] aka as administration and redaction private pages from your website

[3] aka publicly visible site

[4] working with IE5+ on Windows and Galeon on Linux

[5] from OpenOffice.org 1.1.3...

[6] as a consequence of typo3 features richness

[7] due to dependance to new features in 3.6 version

- Typo3 France: If you prefer to work in french...
- Packages and Installer download page
- Open Office on Framasoft page: the "real" typo3ian word processor, as most of documentations are sxw files... but more and more in pdf
- Extensions download page: but better to use your own typo3 to download...
- Typo3 France Forum


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