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  • Date : 7 March 2004 (18 May 2004)
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Speak Freely

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To phone via internet, it’s very simple: you only have to know your correspondent IP adress to launch a communication.

There is a possibility to phone in half-duplex (you cannot speak when your correspondent does it) or in full-duplex (as for classic telephone). It also exists a conference mode (with several correspondents) and a small tool for instant messaging dialogue (chat).

Well, to use it you also need to have a sound board, microphone and speakers (or headset) on your computer... but you have already guessed...


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> Speak Freely , le 31 March 2004 par Noy Shoung (0 rép.)

Dear Sir/Madam, I am so happy today to find your web site that store lots of information about OSS. Do you have any school project such library, e-learning etc that you introduce and share with OSS user like me. Warmest regards. Noy Shoung

-----> school project

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