• Auteur : http://edu.kde.org/kstars/
  • Date : 3 March 2004 (18 May 2004)
  • Logiciel : KStars (Notice Framasoft)


OS: Linux Language: english Taille: 9 Mb (sources) Licence: GPL

Kstars is the default planetarium of the KDE desktop under Linux. It is included in the KDE-Edu project, a dozen of educational softwares dedicated to children and teenagers. A perfect introduction to celestial beauties (but if you’ve finished high school, you can use it too).

The graphic user interface is very simple, but Kstars gives everything that a planetarium can give: night sky configuration at any time and for any geographical point, stars, deep sky objects and planets position, constellation drawing, and some useful tools for experts (telescope and CCD camera driving, coordinates conversion, light spectrum for 6 000 stars).

With a beautiful night sky rendering and the AstroInfo project, a collection of astronomical papers for beginners, KStars is the perfect tool both for experts and novices of sky observation.

The KDE desktop generally provides The KDE-Edu software package, including KStars. If not, download the software sources from the KStars Web site, or try to find an rpm package with RpmFind.

- Lin4Astro: a bootable CD derived from Knoopix and dedicated to astronomical observation.


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