• Auteur : http://www.abisource.com/
  • Date : 18 February 2004 (18 May 2004)
  • Logiciel : AbiWord (Notice Framasoft)


Abiword is small, but fast and complete. Among its main features, we may recall:

  • its “look ’n feel” interface (see the screenshot)
  • its pages and paragraphs formatting possibilities
  • possible to insert spreadsheets and allows cells merge
  • a spell checker (wich you can include during the installation if you are connected to the Internet by simply marking a case while installing)
  • interactive ruler
  • styles integration
  • unlimited Cancel/Repeat capabilities
  • Search/Replace function
  • can insert images with PNG, BMP, JPEG and GIF format

It can also import and export MS Word documents (.doc) and RTF (Rich Text Format) and save HTML Internet documents (also in LaTex).

Less complete than OpenOffice.org Writer (the OpenOffice.org text processor) it is nevertheless a good complementary tool as it is faster, lighter and needs less resources.

(PS: Do not hesitate in telling us about your remarks and statements about this new 2.0.3 version. Thank you.)


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> AbiWord , le 9 January 2005 (1 rép.)

How about telling all of us how we can download Abiword you clowns!

> AbiWord , le 10 January 2005

Is it a cabal ?

Anyway, 1. you go to the official website, there’s a link, few inch above. Yes! look up at your screen. 2. there, the _first_ link is download, click! 3. You choose the one for your operating system 4. OR, if you have a modern OS, you can use the package manager provided with it (like urpmi, apt-get or merge)


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> AbiWord spellchecker in windows , le 12 August 2004 par TawnyRay (0 rép.)

Thanks very much for the English spell checker dictionary I down loaded the en-gb file an extracted it into the dictionary folder in abiword Version 2.08 and it works fine.

The reason for my note was also to indicate the means to achieve a functioning spell checker in abiword which is not very clear on the face of it.

regards Ray Warden ray.warden@btinternet.com

-----> trying to get my abiword spellchecker working

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