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  • Date : 20 February 2004 (18 May 2004)
  • Licence : GNU General Public License link_license
  • Logiciel : Squirrelmail (Notice Framasoft)


GNU/GPL | 3,2 Mo

You’ve got a webserver account online with PHP on it ?

Tired about public webmail providers as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and about their overwhelming ads and spam flow?

Thus why not read your email trough Squirrelmail? An agreable, easy to install, Free webmail with very usefull set of features. [1]

As we are lazzy, we only translate the french website:

Squirrelmail is a webmail, written in PHP4. It supports IMAP and SMTP protocols , and all the generated pages are it in pure HTML (without any Javascript), in order to be compatible with the maximum of browsers.

It is not necessary to have a server with a powerful processor to make work Squirrelmail, moreover it is very easy to install and configure. Squirrelmail includes basically all the options which you have the right to wait from a communication software, including MIME support, an address book, and directory set-up to sort your e-mail.

The team original project was to be able to reach their electronic mail anywhere in the world. For that, a Web interface is ideal, since user has Internet access. After having studied several Open projects Source, we realized that we’ve got to make some modifications to get those projects fit our needs.

That’s why we decided to create our own webmail, also to amuse us (factually: we really much like PHP). The project is Open Source in order to contribute to this community which brought us so much.

What words !

Installation prerequisites are:
 a Web server (Apache is the most used),
 PHP 4 (at the present time version 4.2.3 is most recent),
 a SMTP server (Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail...),
 a IMAP server (UW, Cyrus, Courier,...),
 and, if possible, Perl (for configuration ).

[1] a Webmail is a web interface to read and write your e-mails on internet


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> Squirrelmail , le 23 September 2004 par Heidi (0 rép.)

Hi How do u get an email from here I tryed but it never worked it was like the same e-mail as my other one

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